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Why choose the 'Parent Mobile' Mobile?

'Parent Mobile' Mobile bring you the ultimate network package. We are the UK's first and only no credit check network meaning we guarantee a pay monthly contract for every customer and no-one walks away empty handed. 'Parent Mobile' Mobile are built on an award winning 3G network built for the internet but we also offer plenty of other fantastic benefits to our customers when they choose us.

Here we have listed just a few of the many benefits of joining 'Parent Mobile' Mobile.

Award winning 3G network

'Parent Mobile' Mobile use the infastructure of the Three network to bring our customers an award winning 3G network. By joining 'Parent Mobile' Mobile you become part of the network built for the internet and you'll be able to enjoy the advantages of even faster browsing, social networking and downloading.

View the awards we've won.

Break free from long-term commitment

Don't get tied down to long-term mobile phone contracts! 'Parent Mobile' Mobile offer a wide range of no commitment 1 month rolling SIM only plans. We also have a great selection of 12 month mobile phone plans with a guaranteed free upgrade to the handset of your choice after only 6 months.

View our 1 month rolling SIM only pans.

Capped price plans

We have capped our price plans to help manage your monthly spend and avoid running up a surprisingly high monthly bill. The capped limit can be adjusted to suit your needs making our plans perfect for managing your kids' spend when they are out and about.

View our 12 month price plans.

Over 97% UK network coverage

'Parent Mobile' Mobile covers more than 97% of the UK population for calls, texts and internet on your phone. You'll also get a faster 3G experience, so that's faster for emailing, downloading and browsing the internet. Check the coverage where you live with our network coverage checker.

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100% guaranteed pay monthly pass

We are the UK's first and only network to offer no credit check pay monthly plans, meaning we guarantee a pass and a handset for everyone. Whether its SIM only or a mobile phone contract that your after we have a plan to suit you.

Find out more about our guaranteed pass.

Guaranteed handset upgrade

Whether you choose SIM only or one of our 12 month no credit check price plans we guarantee a handset upgrade to one of the latest smartphones. You can choose from the iPhone 5, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S 4 or one of our other great handsets.

Find out more about upgrades.

3G Compatibility

'Parent Mobile' Mobile is built on an award winning 3G network. You will need a 3G compatible handset to use our network. To check your handset compatibility please click here.

Keep your number

Keeping your existing number is easy. Simply ask your current network provider for a PAC (porting authorisation code) and we can port your number to our network in minutes.

Got a question?

If you want to know more about our network and tariffs or if you are having trouble with your new phone, please check our FAQ section where we have answered the most commonly asked questions click here.

Check coverage

Our network now covers over 97% of the UK population for calls, texts and internet. We also offer a faster 3G experience and award winning internet access. To check the network coverage where you live, please click here.

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